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A septic tank can last for decades. However, no matter how much effort you put in maintaining your tank, you’ll need to have it replaced at some point in the future. But how will you know if you already need the services of experts in replacement and excavation for septic tank? Scroll through and read to find out.

Your tank is way, way old. Septic tanks can last from 30 to 40 years. If your tank is already toward the end of that bracket, most experts would advise replacing it already. At this point, you will be experiencing issues more frequently and it only makes sense to invest in a new one than make do with a tank that’s been constantly repaired.

You frequently experience clogs and slow drains. This is a tell-tale sign that you already need to request excavation for septic tank and replacement. Take note that one drain issue can be easy to fix. But if most of the drains in your home are already affected, then you should consider opting for a more long-lasting solution.

Your sewage is backing up. Slow drains are one thing, but sewage back-ups are another point of concern. Again, the frequency of this issue is a contributory factor to your septic tank replacement need. A professional will help you determine if it’s more cost-effective to have your tank replaced already.

You have puddles in your yard. If you notice the presence of puddles and standing water near your tank — and it’s not even the rainy season yet — you should consider having your tank checked. In worse cases, it won’t only be water that will be pooling in your yard — it may also contain waste and sewage that are rather harmful to your, your loved ones, and pets’ health.

You have greener grass around your tank. Another way to find out if you already need excavation for a septic tank and replacement is to check if your lawn is greener than normal. While it may be aesthetically pleasing, it could indicate that sewage that has seeped out of your tank is acting as a fertilizer for your grass. You should also be alarmed if this is accompanied by a foul odor around your tank. The pungent smell can also be present near the drains inside your home.

Your household size has grown. As stated, a tank can last up to four decades. During that span of time, it’s inevitable for your household size to grow and your household lifestyle to change. In this case, your current septic system might not be able to accommodate the wastewater you and your loved ones are producing.

Your inspection results say so. One way of maximizing the life of your septic tank is doing routine inspections. During a septic tank inspection, various components will be checked (e.g. Liquid level, leaks, presence of roots, backflow issues). This can also be conjunctionally done with a well water test. A severely contaminated well water is a sign that your tank should already be replaced.

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