Floorings have been under lots of innovation processes since the beginning, and you may find different kinds since then. Floors are no more surface attached to the surface of your building; it’s a piece of art and beauty. Thanks to the technology, you can now find a floor that will provide you several benefits along with elegance and decency to your eyes. It is not wrong to say that floors are now a unique character of decoration of your house. In the contemporary period, you can choose for many options like install a simple, elegant floor and lay down a beautiful carpet on it, or for better install carpet tiles.

While installing commercial flooring, there are two types which are getting more and more popular – broadloom carpets and Carpet Tiles

Both of them have their pros and cons, or we may say their perks and drawbacks. Here I will describe the benefits of carpet tiles versus the benefits of broadloom carpets, which might help you make decisions in a better way while purchasing.

Broadloom Carpets:

  • Broadloom carpets are giant rolls of carpet that typically come in 12 feet width; you may lay it down on floor substrate with the assistance of staff.
  • Traditional Choice: Broadloom are regular commercial choices. Many corporate places prefer to go for broadloom carpet as it has proven benefits for many years. So it might seem risky to go for something new instead.
  • Variety of designs and colors: Broadloom Carpets are available in different types; these are traditional items, but you may find many modern, stylish designs, colors, and patterns. Broadloom carpets are in use by the corporate department; that’s why; you may find designs decent, professional, and elegant. You can choose according to your style and requirements.
  • Durable Choice: Broadloom comes with different backing pad options. Install broadloom with carpet pads; it will give your floor a beautiful look and hide imperfections. You may also go for a broadloom that comes with moisturizing backing, it will offer you enhanced stain resistance, and you may even protect it with chemical welding.
  • Comfort feel: Carpet broadloom is softer and plusher than tiles. It will give your feet a comfortable feel on a tiring long day.
  • Messy installation: Broadloom carpets not only have perks, but it has its share of drawbacks too. For instance, the installation of broadloom is kind of messy and leaves a lot of wastage. The cost of unused materials can offset your budget.
  • Hectic Installment: Not only are these rugs messy while installing, but they also need lots of time and energy. You may need a whole staff to fix it. Even in any case of damage, they are expensive and hard to repair.

Carpet Tiles:

  • Carpet Tiles, also known as carpet squares and modular carpet, are available in the shape of tiles with swatches of carpet pasted on it; they are typically available in squares. But now, you may also find them in different sizes and designs.
  • Easy Installment: Carpet Tiles are effortless to install and come with different backings, and you can install yourself in a matter of hours.
  • Creative Designs: The most prominent attribute of carpet squares are their innovative designs, patterns, styles, and colors. Let your creativity flow in your hands while installing these tiles on floors and having an elegant, modern design. These patterns can also work as an endorsement to your work and brand.
  • Low maintenance: Carpet squares are low maintenance, and in case of any damage, you can uninstall the particular tile and install a new one.
  • Unfinished look: Broadloom carpets gave a uniform and finished look, whereas it might not be the same case in tiles installation. Moreover, if you don’t install correctly, you may need to readjust them sooner than expected.
  • Cost: Modular carpets are a bit more expensive than broadloom carpets.


Both of these carry their benefits, and if you examine correctly, one can wipe out disadvantages; for instance, like broadloom carpets might be cheaper, but their maintenance is higher that makes it equal to squares. You have to choose wisely according to your needs – if you are looking for traditional go for broadloom and a smart choice, modular carpet works best.

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