For every floor, dozens of special cleaning agents are expensive and often harmful to the environment. They also cause large amounts of plastic waste. You can clean most floors very easily and effectively with home remedies that you may already have at home.

It is very easy to use. The essential requirement for every floor cleaning is that you have freed the respective floor covering from coarse dirt. There are home remedies that are suitable for cleaning a wooden floor.

Cleaning Wooden Floors 

with and without sealing but with the right care, you can enjoy a natural, real wood floor for many decades. A few simple means are sufficient for this. Sealed or lacquered floors that are not excessively soiled are best cleaned with lukewarm water and a cotton cleaning cloth or cotton floor wiper.

Stubborn stains can be removed with sparingly used ammonia (mixed with water at a 1: 3) ratio or a few drops of white spirit on a cotton cloth. Oiled and waxed wooden floors, on the other hand, need refatting. Two to three tablespoons of soft soap in one liter of lukewarm water result in a cleaning solution that gently cleans the floor and leaves a protective film. It is advisable to re-seal the floor with oil or wax from time to time.

Even small quirks in the natural wood floor can be easily removed with home remedies. Tip: Avoid using microfiber towels on sealed and oiled or waxed wooden floors. In the long run, microfibers destroy the seal with slight scratches. The material removes the protective layer of fat from oiled and waxed wooden floors. It is also advisable to only clean a wooden floor with a damp cloth, as too much water can cause the wood to swell and damage it. You can also get floor supplies from Floor suppliers.

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