Area Rug is a thunderous tool for interior designs as a floor artwork and it gives a perfecting background for other decorations of the Interiors of a house. To give a simple, classy and bold look to the room, it is too difficult to decide about the area rug, as it involves several keys for consideration.

Rug Styles

There is an unending variety of area rugs as the other decorating tools such as lighting styles, furniture styles, curtain styles and decoration pieces for every special place. The praising options of the modern time such as bold, simple, floral designs with strong geometry and sisals. Before choosing the style, think about what is available? What kind of atmosphere you want to develop in your room or house or the styles/textures harmonizing with existing room furnishings.


When you start designing anything whether it is a house or a wall only, the starting point is always choosing a color theme. Obviously, you need to decide what color you like or what color you want to stay with day and night. You’ll always avoid such colors which affect your mind and eyes. Obviously, the color of your area rug will set the tone of the entire room or house. So, it is one of the hard decisions. The existing items tone and texture can help you decide the color of area Rug. The contrast must be eye pleasing. If you do not have already existing items in your room then, you have to select a color which can blend better with the tone and texture of other items which will be placed later, ceiling, floor and walls. Think about the effect you want to develop in your room, when deciding color.

Rug Patterns

If your Room’s existing items are patterned then patterned rug can give your room a Bold and classy look. Many people are not passionate about patterned rugs because they love solid colors so they’ll select a solid color, pattern less Rug, a blend with patterned furnishing items of the room and solid Rug bring the room to life. In case of solid color ceiling and walls, you should select a patterned Rug to make the room classy. If the Rug is the first thing you purchased for designing then, you’d have to take into account that pattern must be eye-catching and how the other items and Rug will work together at the same place.

Area Rug Sizes

The size of the rug is also an important thing to consider while designing a small size rug for an average sized room is the big mistake. Lowest bare floor between wall and rug should be 8 Inches and 24 Inches can be the maximum. It can be fit to furniture legs or filling the entire room. You can also layer Rugs as small rugs on top of carpets as well. You can also centralize your Rug.

Choosing High Pile Vs. Low Pile

To choose a Rug, it is also important to think about the pile kind of the Rug. If you are purchasing a low-pile Rug. It’ll be cheap in its price, easy to vacuum and keep clean while purchasing high-pile Rug is expensive, softer and luxurious underfoot but keeping it clean is much difficult. A room which gets a lot of foot traffic will benefit from a low-pile Rug while a thicker rug will last longer with low foot traffic.


Lifestyle is a big determining factor as if you have kids and pets you cannot withstand with white high-pile Rug and Flat weave Rug with pattern is a good choice for high foot traffic, It is easy to keep it clean and vacuum. For comfort and luxury you’ll have to select a softer and high-pile Rug. You’ll have to select the most compatible one with your lifestyle.


When you are going to choose an Area Rug you’ll have to decide how much you can put for its maintenance. Some rugs need regular vacuum. Flat weave Rugs are easy to vacuum and you can beat them outside in an old-fashioned way. High-pile Rug is difficult to clean but can be sent out for professional cleaning. Do not expose rugs to direct sunlight and use a pad under Rug, compatible with rug and flooring to reduce wear and tear on Rug.

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