Once you have finished buying your house or apartment, the next challenge you face is to furnish your new home. Knowing each space in the house, taking advantage of it and finding the furniture and appliances to equip it is an art.

In this guide, we tell you what furniture you should have in different spaces in your home according to your lifestyle.

We will start with the living room because it is the living space par excellence and for this place to be functional and also look good, you must consider the space of your house and the style. Next, we leave you a list of some furniture that you should consider for the room, in addition to the armchairs of course:

  1. Coffee Tables

The coffee table (โต๊ะ กลาง, which is the term in Thai) is placed in the center of the room and serve to place portraits, decorative accessories, memories of a trip and to place the drinks when you live in this space.

When space is limited, it is convenient to buy tables that are transparent in color, but if you do not have this limitation, play with the different styles and buy tables that give your home personality.

  1. Curtains

If you like that there is always light in the rooms, there are translucent curtains in different materials that are practical and look good in open spaces.

When you prefer less light, you can install the blackout curtains, which are made from a fabric that does not allow any exterior lighting to enter and the rooms to be completely dark.

  1. Table

The table is the essential piece of the dining room, and you must ensure that it is made of a resistant material and that it looks like a work of art.

When buying a table, the first thing to consider is space. If the dining room is small, we suggest you buy a round table. They help take advantage of the lack of space, and you can integrate the same number of people as a rectangular table, without taking up much space.

  1. Chairs

When it comes to chairs, finding ones that are suitable to contrast or line up with the dining room table should be fun.

It all depends on the taste of the person and the style of the house. Some chairs are conventional, and that is integrated into the dining room when you buy it.

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