Life moves quickly. Unfortunately, the real estate market doesn’t always keep up. If you’re getting ready to sell a home, chances are, you’re feeling a bit of weight on your shoulders. You’re probably making a long to-do that includes, but isn’t limited to, finding a realtor, making necessary repairs, sprucing up the landscaping, revamping the curb appeal, deep cleaning, and so on. Once you get your home on the market, you’ll be at the mercy of the housing market where offers don’t always come in, and buyers often back out, and mortgages sometimes fall through.

However, there is an easier way to sell your house and sell it fast: look for a cash buyer. Cash buyers are often investors, and unlike the typical buyer who wants a move-in ready home, they will appreciate your house for what it can be, and they’ll be willing to take it as it is. Yes, so that means no more laundry list of things to do, no stress about how long your house will sit on the market, and no worries about mortgages that fall through.

How to find a cash buyer

So how do you find a cash buyer? You could start by attending local real estate auctions where investment buyers compete for foreclosed properties. However, it could be even easier. Often time cash buyers take out google ads in order to find investment properties. For example, if you’re in Tampa, a quick google search of “sell house for cash in Tampa” will bring up several results. Choose several cash buyers from your search results and fill out their intake forms and they’ll contact you within a few business days.

Why you should go for it

Selling your house for cash has one major drawback. On the surface, it appears that houses sold for cash often (but certainly not always) sell for less than houses sold to mortgage-seeking buyers. However, this is before you take into account all of the costs of getting a home ready for the market. Remember that long to-do list? Well every single item on there is going to cost you, and those costs add up quickly. And what realtor fees? When you sell your home for cash, the process is often so uncomplicated that you may choose to forgo a realtor and save on those fees. And don’t forget– time is also money. During that time that you are preparing and waiting for your house to sell, you’re paying mortgage payments, or at the very least property taxes. Most cash buyers move quickly, and can even close in as little as two weeks. So in many cases, you won’t be gaining much by selling your house to a traditional buyer. However, if you choose a cash buyer, you’ll not only save yourself all of that hassle, and but you’ll get also cash in your pocket quickly, so can go wherever life takes you.

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