A properly installed lighting fixture enhances the beauty of any place. There are various parts that go into the making of a lighting system. Each part serves a distinct functionality in the execution of a lighting system.

It has a big role to play in enhancing the overall lighting experience. So, when buying a lighting fixture, you should learn about these components along with their operation. 

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What are the different types of lighting fixtures?

Lighting is a powerful method to transform any space along with its ambiance. To get the best benefit from the system, it is important to understand its basics.  Lighting systems comes in three basic types:

  • Ambient lighting: This type of lighting is also called general lighting. The basic objective of this lighting is to illuminate the entire room at a uniform level.
  • Accent lighting: This is another type of lighting that highlights a specific area of interest
  • Task lighting: This light is mainly used to perform a specific type of tasks that includes reading, cooking, computer work, or writing.

Components Of A Lighting Fixture

Here are the different components of light fixtures:


The shade is the first thing that you will notice in any lighting fixture. It assists in diffusing the light and tenderly disperses it in the entire room. This component can be opaque, clear or have a gauze-like quality. The different styles of the shade can help determine the location to place a specific chandelier in your room.  


This is the part that is installed to the ceiling, or wall enclosing the electrical box. It can be simple or decorative. Based on the type of fixture, it plays an important role in determining the style of lighting fixture to feature at a place.


This is another important component of a lighting fixture. It is used to connect the canopy of the fixture to the fitter, and socket. It contributes to the entire look of a lighting fixture.


A lighting socket is the region of the lighting fixture where the bulb gets installed. This area is visible and produces a style impact. The size of the socket determines the kind of base you would require for the bulb in the lighting fixture. It could be either candelabra or standard. 


A lightbulb comes in varying wattages, opacities, functionalities, and lumens. This bulb determines how well the room is illuminated. It can influence the kind of chandelier you buy.


A lighting fixture has the potential to create comfortable, inviting, and elegant spaces. Learning about the utility of each component built into the lighting system will help you use it to the maximum potential. So, refer to the above information to find the best lighting option for your home.

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