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When you’re investing in a home or real estate property remodel, what do you take into account? Is it the budget, the logistics, or the functionality? These three common answers are excellent approaches to a renovation project, but these three often miss out on an essential aspect of a remodel — the interior design.

Interior design is one of the hardest things to do right, and it often controls everything in a home, from the wrought iron entry doors to the handles on the kitchen cabinet. Creating a suitable interior for a house is a balancing act between the three essential factors mentioned above, and a sense of design synergy. 

Expert interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have some of the best tips for homeowners to increase their home’s value, based on how they remodeled their own California home. This home was recently listed at $13.8 million, a massive leap from the $ 8.5 million they bought it at!

Let’s look at how they transformed their LA home and how you can adapt your home similarly as well! 

Let the Light In

Most Texas residents aren’t huge fans of the scorching heat, which is why they shy away from the sunlight. Nate and Jeremiah’s golden rule for living in places as sunny as California (or Texas) is to harness the power of the natural light without letting the heat overpower the interior. 

Open black steel French doors or industrial style steel doors are great options for letting the light in. You can even get some custom steel doors with glass that insulates your house and keeps the heat out. 

The natural light will do wonders for your mood and emphasize all the accents you’re probably adding. Imagine the family pictures in your home with all the golden sunlight pouring in! 

Balance Out The Elements

Balance is critical for interior experts Nate and Jeremiah. The rooms in their home are curated to leave different impressions, and each one harnesses a different kind of element. For example, the kitchen is sleek and modern.  

However, the library teeters on the edge of a Victorian office, and a quirkily cluttered ornamental showcase. They also add some serene outdoor sitting space with loads of greenery, and the earthy pottery studio rounds it all out. 

This way, each of the rooms tells a different story. This kind of conceptualization creates a unique selling point for your home, which raises the property value. 

Add Some Luxury to the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the most ignored of all rooms in the house — which is natural because it’s a room for utility. But who says that you can’t add some extra extravagance there? Nate and Jeremiah’s bathroom is one of their more ornate rooms, with marble frames for the mirrors and separate sinks for each of them. 

The creamy walls and neutral color scheme are balanced out just a little with black steel windows that perfectly complement the look. You don’t have to go too overboard, if that’s not your style, though. Focus on a couple of elements instead.  

Incorporate a vintage sink fixture, or create an accent tiled wall that draws attention for that extra zing your bathrooms.

Restoring Historic Features

There are plenty of older homes in Texas that have been preserved, and there’s a reason for it! Even a 19th-century banister that’s been maintained and preserved can drive the value up. Nate and Jeremiah made it a point to keep the 17th-century marble flooring and original wrought iron rails on the stairs.

So, it would be best if you resisted the urge to tear down old features because you could be hurting your asset value. Instead, have an expert designer or architect look at your house to identify what you should keep and what to remove. After all, not all older elements are functional or worth keeping!

Grand Doors Have No Equal

Nate and Jeremiah’s home in California has so many entrances and windows that there’s no other way to make a statement than to add majestic fixtures. For their home, they collaborated with Pinky’s Iron Doors to create some stately but simple iron French doors and exterior steel windowsthat you can see in every part of their home.

The Air series installed in their home performs the dual function of being large and grand, without being too old fashioned or intricate. This worked for them because they were remodeling a historic home with old elements that they preserved. What they needed to do here was to add some modern iron doors for balance. 

However, if the home you’re redoing is a modern or simply built house, you can build up the property value with a statement custom wrought iron door to replace the existing front door. A complementary iron patio door will definitely push your property value over the edge! 

Why not buy from the company that Nate and Jeremiah hired to make their doors? Pinky’s Iron Doors isn’t as expensive as some of the power couple’s other suppliers. You can even buy gorgeous discount iron doors that don’t compromise on quality or beauty. They stock wrought iron entry doors, factory-style steel doors, steel sliding doors, Euroline steel windows, and more!

You should be all set now to remodel your Texan home to drive your property value up high. Start your planning today! 

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