Building a home, business or office is a job to give a trusted builder Andover. But of course, hiring too fast is not something you have to consider. If you hire a builder too fast, you might end up disappointed as you are spending your hard earned money to a service that is lousy and non sense.

To make sure that you are hiring a top notch builder, it is imperative that you ask them questions that can help you filter who among them is best for you to hire.

Questions To Ask Builders

Here are some questions to ask builders:

  • When do you expect to finish the project?

One of the most important thing to ask builders is timeline. Sure, you are asking this question not to rush their work but to set expectations. How long do they need to finish your home?

If you need to demand a specific time, make sure that it is realistic. You would not want to sacrifice quality to time.

  • Are there are any ongoing projects same time as mine?

It is okay if there are other projects they need to accomplish while they are building your home, but they need to assure you that they have enough people to ensure that the work will be done right.

If they say that your home building is the only project they have, make sure to ask their plan if there is someone else who asks them to build their home while yours is still on going. 

  • Can you offer me discounted rates?

There is no assurance whether you can get a positive response here, but asking this question is still ideal. Negotiation should start not only when you are about to sign contract but far before that. Negotiating earlier can help you comparing one builder to another.

Keep in mind though that you must not focus just on the price alone as quality is more important for home building.

Choosing The Right Builder

Now that you already asked all questions you want to ask a builder, it is time for you to decide which among them has given you not just impressive but realistic response. Take your time when deciding, compare their answers and sometimes, all you have to do is believe in your guts.

Once you have identified one or two builders, it is time that you dig in deeper by doing a background check of your top companies. Check on some references, and reviews and assess their reputation in the industry.


Asking questions may require a bit of work, but you will definitely than yourself if you do this drill when hiring a builder. Even how credible or reliable the builder is, you still have to ask them questions to satisfy your requirements. People have their own standards and what is a priority for others may not be a priority for you. If you want to make sure that you are hiring the right builder make sure to take time asking all builders from your list, necessary questions.

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