The sheds are small wooden constructions, although they are also constructed of other materials. These are used to store objects or simply to have this extra space in the garden. Many people use it as a kind of trunk, where they keep the rest of the things that do not fit inside the house, also to store the elements for the care of the garden or to have a mini workshop where to locate all the tools. If you visit this link will see dozens of designs according to your budget.

Get the best place to locate it

When you decide to put a shed in your garden or backyard, you are looking for the right place. Place it in a corner that is surrounded by plants. Remember to take the approximate measurement you want it to have and evaluate if it is convenient for you to place it in that space.

Make a budget and buy the materials

To make your own shed you must first calculate the budget. Make a list of all the supplies you will need, then go to the store and calculate the cost of each one. If you do not have a lot of budget, look for cheaper materials.

Get the tools you will need

Once you have all the necessary materials with you, it is time to find all the tools. There are many essential things you need, such as a yardstick, a ladder, a cutter or jigsaw, a marker, a ruler, a hammer, a drill, protective glasses, a nut, an anchor adhesive. Remember that before starting you should have everything at hand.

Buy the right amount of wood

The correct amount of wood will depend on the size and meters your shed will occupy. To calculate the wood, you must first calculate the number of walls. Being four, each independent wall is measured, by width and height.

The wall construction begins

To install the partitioning of the wall, the boards that were measured and purchased will be used. These will be placed in the columns with nails, two and a half inches, placing two nails for each beam and in turn for each board.

Fit the door

Placing a door is usually a bit more complicated than you think, since there are many factors that are at stake. It must have the perfect framing, make sure the aperture is correct and many other things. That is why the most advisable thing for this type of simple structures is to buy the door with the frame incorporated.

Secure the frame

To secure the frame you need to square it in the space where you are going to install it, you can secure it with nails in the corners and making a simple tie with wire the same that can be repeated at the base of the frame.

Build the roof

To build the roof, you need to buy something called tie straps. That profile is going to be placed every seventy centimeters next to each other. If you want the roof to be gabled, you have to fix the wooden profiles at the vertex of the straps with through screws. The ceiling panel is fixed with the ceiling hooks, specially designed for each panel.

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