Doors with a hidden frame are constructions that are invisible on the surface of the walls. Their presence can be identified by a small gap between the same invisible box and the canvas. You can also see them thanks to the standard handle.

If you need to achieve the effect of complete invisibility, ask the consultants to show you a choice of special inconspicuous pens.

Advantages of the invisible door

  • Installation without platbands. By choosing the color of the canvas to match the wall, your entry will become invisible. This advantage does not affect their performance in any way.
  • Strength and endurance. The aluminum frame and box guarantee these qualities.
  • Silent closure, excellent sound, and heat insulation.
  • The ability to design openings of different sizes. Manufacturers offer models of both standard dimensions and products for the ceiling.
  • Wide light opening. The absence of a box increases the space when opening the door.
  • An extensive selection of finishes. Manufacturers are developing a variety of variations. Among them, there are finished products: under paint, veneer, or laminate, as well as models for an individual design like the chalk board laminate.
  • Easy to care for. For the canvases and the door block to last as long as possible, it is necessary to exclude the use of aggressive detergents based on abrasive substances and the use of hard brushes made of metal or plastic.

What Makes Doors Invisible?

To achieve invisibility, several technical approaches are used:

  • Concealed box without platbands.

After installation, this element is putty and merges with the wall. The result is the feeling of a neatly shaped opening.

  • The canvas is made of a particular material.

Such products are called “finishing” doors – they can be covered with paint and pasted over with wallpaper. If there is no task to hide the door in the room, you can choose models with a standard factory decoration laminate. By using contrasting colors, you can add a certain zest to the design.

  • Hidden hinges.

To fix the canvases, unique embedded loops are used.

The fittings are located in the door frame and are invisible in the closed position. Together with invisible doors, rotary devices are used (for the pendulum and rotary versions). Due to such mechanisms, doors can be omitted with handles.

  • Hidden handles.

This option provides for the use of mortise fittings, which are most often installed on sliding doors. By picking up the handles to match the door finish, the joints can be made almost invisible.

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