Best is preventive than treatment. For them, this expression is truer than anything else about the protection of our houses. Installing high-performance door locks with added advantages, such as fingerprint recognition and mobile control, will significantly enhance home security. The typical lock-and-key days are gone. Now, due to the innovations, you can rely on your health to be top-notch. Today’s high-quality door locks come fitted with several advantages to keeping you updated about your home security. In this modern age, not everyone can afford this high tech system or innovation. The solution is innovation in the door lock system. Today there are several enhancements in these lock systems. Schlage Commercial locks from ND series is one of them.

If you are curious or worried about your home safety and looking forward to the safest options for front door locks, Schlage ND series is the option you should consider. They are manufactured with great details and perfect design. They are sturdy and durable, used for a variety of applications. They have made the Schlage ND series lock even better by making it easier to install. The enhancements are added to give the lock more stability, the longer the lock lasts, the longer the surety and safety of the home. They are giving warranty too, for this purpose, establishing the relationship of trust. The warranty lasts up to 10 years.    

The front doors require proper protection and durability as your complete home safety is dependent on this lock on the front door, so you inevitably ignore such an important aspect. Moreover, according to FBI statistics, 36% burglaries happened through the front door; this is an important fact to be considered. Therefore, Schlage ND series is the very protective and safest option. The providers offer discount Schlage series and provide online commercial locks too for users’ convenience. These locks can serve you best and are cost-effective too. One can quickly put their trust in the durability and effectiveness of these locks.

How tough?

The locks passed through several durability tests, making sure that in every test the durability and toughness get challenged with maximum force. The Schlage ND Series is the hardest cylindrical lock that has been produced, which ensures that you get excellent reliability and consistency in a bolt, which is also simple to manage and support. And because they check these locks above ANSI’s requirements, you know you have a quality thing that you can rely on to survive the usage and misuse that comes with heavy-duty industrial applications.


Schlage ND-Series cylindrical door locks are the industry’s best category, one door lock. The ND-series locks exceed 1,000,000 ANSI cycles and are intended for use in heavy-duty, high-traffic areas on doors. With the wide variety of functions, finishes and lever types available in the ND-series, you can be confident that you can get the look and action expected at each building opening, inside and outside.

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