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If you do not want to experience sweaty days in summers, it is better to get your air conditioner serviced before the summers. Servicing is ofteb overlooked just to save a few bucks, but it can be a real trouble in the middle of the season as the cooling unit can malfunction causing severe trouble. So, it is better to hire the cooling service and get the device serviced.

However, if you still face any issue then here are some causes that you can check for.

Frozen evaporator coils

In your air conditioner, there are evaporator coils that are full of refrigerant. It absorbs the heat from your room and it only works in warm air circulation. In case airflow changes and the coil get too cold then you will see a layer of ice on the outside. In this case, you need to provide warm air.

Low refrigerant

Refrigerant works to remove the humidity and heat from the air in your office or home. Any leakage in the refrigerant line leads not effective cooling. It is not more about replacing it, you can hire an HVAC repair technician to find the leakage and fix the problem.

Dirty condenser coils

Condenser coils are a part of outdoor unit. They work to reduce the heat from the air that comes from your room. In case a layer of grime and dirt covers your outdoor unit then it will pollute the air. If you skip to remove dirt then it might lead to system failure.

Fan Problem

Air conditioner uses two types of fan, one works for blowing air from the room and another one works for cooling your room. Either of those fans might not work properly due to lack of lubrication, debris and dirt, or motor fault. If you underestimate the problem then it can lead to compressor failure.

Ducts leakage

The duct carries cool air from the air conditioner. In case, there is a break or hole in the duct, your room will not cool properly and this will increase your utility bills.  

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