Living room corners have long been neglected when it comes to room décor trends and styles. It is time to put a stop to this and make use of this oft-neglected area of the living room to add elegance and drama to your home. Here is your chance to transform those empty and awkward spaces with functional décor pieces like wall shelves from reputed furniture manufacturers like Wakefit. Let’s take a look at some tips to breathe life into those boring corners:

Window Corners

If the window in your living room is near a corner in the room, you are in luck! You can build a cosy window seat right underneath the window. This is a great way of converting an empty corner into a more functional one that also adds to the style of the room. Window seats are a favourite among homeowners as it adds to the searing options in your living room and also gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful view through your living room window while being seated in a comfy window seat. Lounging in your window seats with your favourite book and a glass of wine is a wonderful way to wind down after a hard day at work.

Artwork For Corner Walls

If your living room corner walls look sad and empty it is time to spruce them up with some artwork. The artwork can be anything from large scale oils or watercolors to framed prints. Although you might be tempted to place the artwork in the centre of the wall, resist this temptation and hang it in the corner. This will create a level of intrigue that adds to the décor of the room. You can hang the artwork at the same height for a traditional look or at a lower height for a more asymmetrical and contemporary vibe.

Illuminate Floor Corners

An interesting way of adding drama to your living room is by applying layered light to an unused floor corner in the room. This involves using different light sources to spread out the light. It also offers you flexibility while creating various degrees of atmosphere. You can make this idea work with the help of floor lamps. They cast a glow on the floor and also fill up empty living room corners. In case you have a piece of art hanging in one of the living room corners you can put a spotlight on it by adding a picture wall light for extra attention. Learning to use lighting to add to your living room décor is an art in itself.

Corner Alcoves

Every corner of a room need not be the perfect ninety-degree corner. Since the angle of the corner is often dependent on the structure of the building, you may widen up with narrow or wide corners in your living room. You can convert these unused corners into a bright spot in your living room by adding a petite sideboard, chest of drawers, narrow bookcase or a small console table. The choices are endless. You need to note down the alcove dimensions and find furnitures that fits the space perfectly. Who knows, maybe Lady Luck will smile on you and you may even come across an art kitschy cabinet for your living room!

Large Corners

You can fill in larger living room corners with occasional furniture like a side table or a single chair. An armchair with a side table will also look lovely in the corner of a living room. You can turn it into a reading corner with a small bookshelf as well. Zoning your furniture is a great way to create a seating layout that leaves space for occasional furniture in the corner of the room. If you have an exceptionally large corner you may even be able to fit in a two-seater sofa or a loveseat.

Corners Filled With Natural Light

If you are one of those lucky homeowners whose living room corners are blessed with plenty of natural light, it is time to choose greenery! Regardless of how much floor space the corner offers, you can add pots and plants to your forgotten corner space and brighten up the room in an instant. Tall pot stands can accommodate many plant pots without taking up too much floor space. If you would rather stick to a single large plant, you can opt for something that has large over-sized leaves like the Monstera plant. Another option would be to opt for a hanging wall shape to place your terrarium or hanging plants to allow the green leaves to float down from the corner ceiling.

High-Ceiling Corners

Room dividers and separating screens can be used to emphasize your high ceilings. There are several different designs that you can choose from. Room dividers are handy in covering up the corner and wall space on either side as well.

Bland Living Rooms Corner

Some living room corners tend to be bland and empty. You can make it functional with furniture like shoe racks¸ cornershelves and wall shelves. Another way to brighten the corner would be to add a unique sculpture. It can be placed on a small high table or a pedestal. This is how some interior designers bring interest to an otherwise forgotten space.

Corners With A View

A corner with a view is an ideal spot to create a small workspace for yourself in your room. You can either invest in a corner table that fits the space or have one custom built. This mini home office is ideal for people who work from home. It is a great way to make your corner space functional and also take advantage of the gorgeous view offered by your living room window.

There are plenty of ways to transform your otherwise dull-looking corner into a functional or interesting spot in your living room.  Choose an idea that resonates with you and transform your living room by those otherwise forgotten corners by putting them to good use. It is time to reclaim all of that unused space.

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