How important is cooking to you? A lot of homeowners considered the kitchen as their favorite place in the house. For them, it is a place where they can express their passion and the love of their family. It is the house area where families bond together and a place where everyone meets, besides their busy daily schedules.  

As a cooking lover, everything in the kitchen is important to you, especially the rangehoods and kitchen appliances


Is a range hood necessary?

A range hood is 100% necessary in keeping cooking exhaust, smoke, and chemicals out of the kitchen. It can improve indoor air quality and also streamline the cooking experience. These are made to enhance the air quality of the kitchen after you cook. It eliminates grease, odors, fumes, and smoke produced by using a stovetop. The appliance will suck up the polluted air and then filter it.

It depends on where you live because a range hood is required by building codes. Before installing, make sure that you have enough room for running the ductwork outside. If you are still unsure if you need a hood, there are a lot of things to read for you to understand whether you need it in your kitchen or not. In fact, not all houses have the same kitchen. 

If you think you need a ducted hood, ductless hood, hood for a gas stove, or a hood for an electric stove, check out the different range hoods available.    

Common types of range hoods

Range hoods come with different types and appearances that you must find out, such as:

  • Wall mount chimney hoods
  • Kitchen under cabinet range hoods
  • Built-in insert range hood

Each range hood brings its own aesthetic to the kitchen. The appearance of these models varies while the purpose remains the same. The range hoods are made to enhance the quality of the air of the kitchen after cooking.  

Benefits of having a range hood

Yes, there is a risk when you don’t have a range hood in the kitchen. Cooking is known for producing chemicals producing carcinogens and irritants. It also exposes you to harmful gas fumes, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Without the range hood, the harmful fumes linger and pose danger to health. The fumes seep throughout the house. 

Regular exposure to fumes can lead to coughing, irritated skin, nausea, asthmatic symptoms, dizziness, headaches, and the worst, lung cancer.  Range hoods may sound unhelpful to you. But, if you used to cook more often, you will find out how useful the appliance is. It doesn’t just keep the kitchen free from smoke and unwanted order but also keeps everyone’s health safe. 

Pick a type of range hood that you think fits your kitchen.

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