A bedside table [โต๊ะ ข้าง เตียง, which is the term in Thai] is an essential item of bedroom furniture that makes a fashionable and practical enhancement sideways of your bed. These bedside tables offer multiple purposes, such as offering hassle-free storage within arm’s reach of your bed as well as bringing balance to your area’s arrangement. With a variety of available styles as well as attributes, you’ll be sure to locate a bedside table to fit all your requirements. Here is some important credit to consider that will help you identify the perfect bedside table to match your bedroom.

  • Elevation

Find a bedside table as tall as the top of your mattress for a regular look and a surface area that’s at a functional level. For beds with mattress pads or tall bases, discover a taller bedside table to match. Low-profile bedside tables will look better with shorter beds. Place your bedside tables a couple of inches far from the side of your bed to permit area for your blankets as well as sheets to hang over the side as well as to stop any kind of unintended accidents when you sleep on the edge of your bed.

  • Area

The top of your bedside table should have sufficient area for a table light, an alarm clock, as well as anything else you desire accessible of your bed. If your bedside table has a tendency to accumulate a lot of items, pick a bedside table with lots of surface on the top. You can save space on your bedside table for vital items by moving mounted pictures to your walls, trading table lights for wall surface sconces, as well as keeping other things in the bedside table’s drawers.

  • Storage Space

Bedside tables with cabinets or racks permit area for you to save all your bedside requirements. Pick a bedside table with several drawers or doors to keep all your items stored hidden, or choose a bedside table with an open shelf to display a stack of books or hold a basket of loosened things. If you do not need as much bedside storage space, there are sleeker alternatives readily available with one or no drawers as well as an open construction.

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