We tell you how to clean the pool floor and pool mats so that it is beautiful and safe, and also how to protect it against future stains.

How To Clean The Pool Floor And Protect It Properly

Therefore, today we will tell you how to clean the pool floor, both the tiles and the stone around the pool.

Being an area specially exposed to the elements, the pool floor suffers throughout the year. The sun’s rays dry out the material, and the wind and rain bring dirt and mold that accumulates. As if that were not enough, as soon as summer arrives and the pool begins to be used, the chlorine and lime in the water adhere to the pavement and can cause stains.

In addition, in summer, the soil around the pools is usually wet, so it is very important to make sure that the flooring is sufficiently non-slip, since otherwise safety may be compromised.

Therefore, it is essential to clean the pool floor thoroughly, especially when we see that it begins to deteriorate, to ensure that our pool remains safe, hygienic and beautiful.

How To Clean The Extruded Stoneware Pool Floor

 The extruded stoneware is the most common material in pool floors because it has very suitable characteristics to withstand weathering and moisture and entirely slipping material.

But that does not mean that this type of pavement can deteriorate over time. It is pretty standard for verdigris, dust, and, in general, all kinds of dirt to accumulate during the winter. You can easily remove it using the Floor Cleaner

This product can be applied on practically any poo floor: stoneware, porcelain, glazed ceramic, stone, slate, marble and even concrete. It is diluted in water and rubbed with a scourer or brush to help remove embedded dirt. Later it is clarified and ready. You will have an impeccable pool floor.

How To Clean The Stone Around The Pool

Most pools have a stone edge. If you see green or blackened spots, it has mold. If you have the floor cleaner that we mentioned before, it will serve you perfectly. But for cleaning the stone around the pool you can also use the Mold Cleaner, which is also very useful for any mold that you find in your home.

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