There are certain elements in a house that always fall into oblivion, and that always end up being indispensable in every home. One of them is the waste basket in the bathroom, close to the toilet, or in the kitchen, close to sink or inside the cabinet. But, with the limited space in the room, we often ask ourselves the question – where do I put the waste basket? It is true that there are much more important things around, and once they are all resolved, we have to face the little things. So for all those multiple cases in which there is no choice but to leave the waste basket in sight, we bring you some examples of modern design waste baskets. Just read this article and choose the best design among the top wicker Waste Baskets.

Waste baskets with lid

The first thing that comes to mind when the basket has to be seen is that it has a lid so as not to see the chaos that occurs inside. In this sense, we can find models of different materials, with the “removable” cover or attached to the structure at one end.

Mesh waste baskets

For the more daring design, there are waste baskets with a visible mesh structure. If you don’t like it, don’t worry, there are mesh baskets with an interior fabric basket.

Waste baskets with inner bag

These types of models are ideal to remove the bag and transport it to the outside garbage bin. Besides they usually have a closure system so that nothing gets out of the way.

Waste baskets with handles

And if we have to transport the entire waste basket, nothing better than a model with handles to handle it better. In this sense there is a great variety, and it is usually a reason that contributes positively to the design of the waste basket.

Structured fabric baskets

And since it has to be visible, why not play with its design? For this it is very useful to play with the shape of its structure. There are very curious models with a cross-shaped structure, either made of wicker (rattan), wood or metal, on which a textile bag is attached. The color and fabric of it are in charge of doing the rest to be more in line with one style or another.

Inside a piece of furniture

And of course, if we have a space in a piece of furniture, whether in the laundry room, in the bathroom or in the kitchen, nothing better than placing the waste basket inside it. The space will be cleaner and more collected and we will not have to worry so much about aesthetics.

Under a countertop waste bag

In those houses that have the luxury of having a big bathroom with ample space, a large balcony or a laundry room, we see one of the best solutions of having not only one waste basket, but two or three units. They can be located under a counter-top and these can have wheels for better handling.

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