When you want to buy a water filtration system for you, you will need to know a few technical aspects before you visit a Florida water store. One of the most commonly used terms you will listen is Reverse Osmosis or RO process. Reverse Osmosis is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to drinking water purification. RO water filtration systems can remove a lot of and a variety of suspended solids from water. These are dirt, algae, silt, bacteria, germs and cyst parasites. It also removes dissolved solids such as sodium, lead, fluoride, and arsenic to reduce concentration of different ions and metals found in water.

How does it work

In a reverse osmosis purification system, the mechanism applies pressure to only one particular side of the semi-permeable or selective membrane barrier. The water is purified and flows through this membrane which prevents the concentrated salts, different suspended solids and metals from passing through it. it is all due to feed pressure, the charged membrane surface as well as the water flux rate. Some of the water that enters the unit will cleanse the surface of the membrane itself and flush it through the kitchen drain pipes. The entire process is actually is the opposite of normal osmosis which is why it is called reverse osmosis or RO.

Difference between filtration and RO

The representative of the Florida water store may also explain the significant difference between filtration and reverse osmosis. The regular filters will retain or exclude particles in the water based on the size. This is much similar to sieving and is independent of concentration or pressure. On the other hand, reverse osmosis is a water purification process that involves diffusive mechanism. The water in this process is forced through the semi-permeable membrane separating the dissolved and suspended solids. You get pure water stored in the tank.

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