Carpets play a very important role in house decoration. They are easily affordable and have versatile designs and patterns. They add an extra touch of beauty to your house and make your house attractive and eye-catching. Everyone focuses on interior design but what about the outdoors? Well! In modern times, backyards and the outdoors have an important place in your home. Outdoor can also be decorated by outdoor carpets. Now there are several kinds of outdoor rugs. These rugs provide a glamour to your exterior house and pops out the whole area. Fortunately, there are so many types of outdoor rugs available in the market that buying one of your choices is simply a cakewalk. So, in this post we are going to discuss the different types of outdoor rugs that you can use: In fact outdoor carpets are specially designed for backyards and outdoors which are made of good quality and versatile designs. Here is the complete list of outdoor carpets according to today‚Äôs need.


Different types of outdoor carpets are shown below:

  • Floor mats

Floor mats are the most widely used mats all over the world. Known for their durability and ease of cleaning, floor mats have travelled a long distance. Door mats are the smaller version of floor mats. These mats are prepared from plastic materials; hence they are light in weight and can be used anywhere. You can use them at patios, backyard or lawns and decks.

  • Bamboo rugs

Bamboo rugs have a smooth and natural look that makes them a great piece for outdoor decoration. They are available in subtle shades of earth that look fantastic over the green lawn background. If you want to give your backyard a rustic look, then throw some bamboo rugs there. But the point to be noted is that bamboo rugs are delicate, so you need to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

  • Handmade Rugs

 Handmade rugs have a very ancient history and still no one could beat it in quality. These rugs were the ancient outdoor rugs before all the other ones invaded the market. Handmade rugs have crossed several milestones and still are at the top of the list of outdoor rugs. These rugs are made strong and weather resistant by weaving the traditional wool and synthetic fibre together.

  • Braided Rugs

If you want to give your outdoors a historic, traditional look, then go for the braided rugs. There are various braided rugs that are made from 100 percent polypropylene, which makes them reliable and stain resistant.

  • Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rug can give the outdoors of your home a modern look. Its wide variety of textures, styles and designs of contemporary rugs would leave your jaw hanging in astonishment. And with this kind of color collection, you will surely land up with the one that would complement the outdoors of your home. There are several online stores and websites where you can easily find outdoor rugs

  • Grass Carpets:

Grass carpet has green or natural tuft-like fibers made to look like a grassy or green lawn. Furthermore, this type of outdoor carpet is usually fade-resistant as well as stain-resistant and is available in different grades. Lower-grade outdoor grass carpeting is usually suitable for outdoor places having a shed, while higher-quality carpet grass is made to stand up to uncovered outside areas. Grass outdoor carpet is usually very popular for use on home backyard golf courses as well as on patios and in sheds.

  • Marine Carpets:

Marine outdoor carpet is usually made with a top layer of olefin and a rubber backing. The official backing on genuine marine carpets is designed to keep water in rather than allowing it to leak out onto flooring. Marine carpet is named for its primary use on boats and boat trailers, but indoor-outdoor marine carpeting can also be installed indoors such as in basements where moisture is a problem. Marine carpet is also practical in patios, garages and around swimming pools. It’s available in subtle patterns or in plain colors such as darker shades of blue, green and red as well as gold, grays and browns.

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