What is it about an access control system that would make it a necessity for business owners in Salt Lake City? For anyone who’s not familiar, an access control system is basically a tool in which business owners, as well as their employees, can only get into their building of employment with a technological form of access like a card key or a keypad pin as opposed to a standard key.

At first glance, this would seem like an overzealous form of security that would only serve to make business’ wallets much lighter and give off the impression that they are a little paranoid. However, once installed, these access control systems bring out tougher walls of security that a regular key cannot.

Thieves are always on the prowl looking for their next score. If an employee misplaces a key and it gets in the hands of a thief, not only could they get in, but the locks would have to be changed on top of getting new keys for everyone to prevent said thief from breaking in. That is a ton of hassle for something that will always be a risk.

How would access control change that? It’s simple. Say an employee misplaces a card key. Instead of having to replace the key and potentially changing the locks to cover all bases, the card key merely has to be deactivated, a new card key replaces it, and the problem is solved. Even better, that risk wouldn’t even be there if companies decide to have a pin to get inside access instead of a card key.

The companies that provide security like this should not provide installation alone. They should be able to train the staff so they know the full extent of what is being installed as well as maintenance and troubleshooting. Their access control should come from top brands from the industry like LENEL, Software House, and others.

Companies that provide this security for Salt Lake City-based businesses, like 3c Business Solutions, strive to make sure their clients are satisfied with the quality of the access control system. In order to get customer satisfaction for their particular security system, they make sure that the system itself can monitor staff and visitors entering the building, grant visitor access remotely, and all in all, ensure business entrance security.

Security is not something a business should take lightly. If you install an access control system, you’ll never have to worry about it ever again!

3cBSI offers Business in Salt Lake City secure access control. Providing you with excellent customer service, maintenance, and installation. If your business is in need of an access control system partner with us!

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