Gone are the days when people used to choose closed wardrobes for their bedrooms. In todays’ ultra-modern era, people have started using open wardrobes for their homes. There are many reasons as to why this idea popped up and why people are switching more to open wardrobes. One of the reasons is that the clothes tend to get crushed and get a bad smell, of either wood or other in a closed wardrobe if kept for a long time. Whereas, in an open wardrobe there is the passage of air and clothes remain fresh. Clothes also need oxygen to smell fresh. If you are also planning to switch to an open wardrobe then you can look for some excellent open wardrobe collections by Jenny Kaneva. 

Curtain Closet – 

There are plenty of open wardrobe ideas and some of them are linear glass wardrobes. It has hinged doors with pivot hinges that you can open. This is a pristine glass wardrobe. Apart from this, some other beautiful wardrobes you can get are the designed ones in which there is inner space inside the wall for the clothes and a curtain to close the open wardrobe, if needed. If you want to make your open wardrobe look like some showroom-styled wardrobe, then you can also get soft LED lights open the wardrobe. 

With Closet Doors – 

If you check online, you will get plenty of designs in an open wardrobe. There is also an open wardrobe that you can get with a wooden slatted closet door. Moreover, there are different kinds of sliding designs also that you will get in an open wardrobe, including sliding glass doors too. Glass screen closet wall is also another style that you can choose to make a division in between your bed and open wardrobe. If your bedroom consists mainly of white, then a transparent glass screen is the best idea for creating a division between your open wardrobes. Likewise, whatever color dominates your bedroom you can choose the glass screen color accordingly. 

For Separate Rooms – 

If you have a separate room for a closet, which is spacious, then you can have an open wardrobe on two sides and a mirror in between dividing the open closet. Moreover, you can also put some plants around the room and decorate them with stuff that you like. Nevertheless, make sure that the room looks spacious and with fewer stuffs, else the show of the open wardrobe will fade away. For more ideas on open wardrobes, people can look online. 

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